About Us

We Have The Certification From The Governing Body Of The Department Which Is Responsible For The Production And Supply Of The Packaged Drinking Water Over In India The Bureau Of Indian Standards Also Known (B.I.S).And We Have Regular Check Ups Of Our Treated Water And The Raw Water Source To Maintain The Set Standards By Us.

We Have New And Unique Projects For Many Business Sectors.A Brief Details Of These Projects Are As Follows:-

These Are Few Brief Informations Of The Projects We Are Lined Up For.These Projects Will Change The Way Many Sectors Work.They Will Not Only Improve The Standard Of The Respective Sector But These Projects Will Try To Get As Easy And Convinient As It May Get For The Customer Or For The User.

We Have The Capacity Of Producing 1,000 Cases Of Treated Pured Packeged Drinking Water Per Hour.And We Run For 10 Hours Each Day Which Makes It The Count Of 10,000 Cases Of Treated Pured Packeged Drinking Water.