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The Establishment Of Our Ytn Groups
Ytn Groups Is Established To Change The Way,The World Works Or To Change The Pattern Of The Way Of Working Of The World.We As A Group Have Brand New And Attractive Ideas For Many Sectors Of The Business.We Not Only Believe In What We Say,But We Also Know How To Achieve What We Say.Because We Know How The Plans Of Ours Will Work Not Only On The Drawing Boards But Also In The Real And Realistic World.We Have Our Plans Attached To The Grass Roots Of Many Sectors Of The Business.Because Generally If We Talk About Those Who Operate At The Higher Levels Such As High Profile Conglomerate Groups Or Those Groups Who Have High Percentage Of Market Shares In Any Field,Their Focus Is More On The High Levels So Some Time They May Miss The Opportunities That They May Grasap If They Work On The Grass Roots Of Any Business.We As A Business Group Do Understand The Value Working On The Grass Root Of Any Business To Get The Best Out Of It Because It Is Only The Roots Which Makes Even The Strongest Tree To Stand Tall For Many Years.

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We Have The Certification From The Governing Body Of The Department Which Is Responsible For The Production And Supply Of The Packaged Drinking Water Over In India The Bureau Of Indian Standards Also Known (B.I.S).And We Have Regular Check Ups Of Our Treated Water And The Raw Water Source To Maintain.

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We Are Trying To Redefine The Way Few Sectors Work.Because We Think There Are A Lot Of Sector Which Needs To Be Updated But The Updation Should Be Done In Such A Way That It Should Be Lot Easier For The User Or The Customer Of That Sector To Be Understood.Because If We Have To Establish Any Sector Or A Business The First.

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We Are Planing To Introduce 500 Ml Or Half Litter Packeged Drinking Water Bottle Because Of The Demand Of The Customer.We Are Also Planing To Expand Our Business In Near Future.We May Expand Our Production Capacity Upto 25,000 To 50,000 Cases Per Day As Per Demand Of The Customers Or The Groups Which May Join With Us In.

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